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With all the hair regrowth products popping up nowadays, companies will do anything to give their products the age above other well-known and respected products. For this reason, careful consumers of hair restoration items have probably searched the net for the best hair care solution and come across Minoxidil 15% at some point. Minoxidil 15% is a new formula of minoxidil that is being marketed towards those who have tried to regrow hair with lower concentrations of minoxidil and failed. Without a doubt, consumers should be skeptical of these products considering that the only valid research on minoxidil is related to 2% and 5% formulas, but that also begs any even bigger question – are they safe?


Well, in all honesty, I don’t believe the products are unsafe. I could be wrong, but the research on minoxidil has noted that users have experienced minimal side effects using lesser formulas. Of course, women are advised not to use more than a 2% formula, but that is an entirely different case. My logic tells me those side effects which do exist may be of a higher degree, but most non-major side effects of minoxidil subside eventually. Again, remember that these 15% formulas are supposed to be a “last resort” formula anyways – the distributors say to only use after lower concentrations of the product have not worked – so this should probably be taken into account if you are considering using it.


Then again, there is no evidence that the FDA has approved these higher concentrations of minoxidil. A search across the web will yield you very little results on the topic, which is shady business if you ask me. And the experts, as well as instruction booklets, tell you that minoxidil should be applied to the scalp every twelve hours under optimal conditions (to always feed the scalp with the drug); whereas, the 15% solution is said to only need application once per day. I ask myself – is minoxidil 15% a scam? It seems it is likely so considering it lacks real evidence concerning its effectiveness.  Uneducated buyers could easily mistake minoxidil 15% for being a better formula and be instantly drawn to buy it over another product.  If the reviews look good enough, then it should be okay?  Right?  It could very well be a plausible product, but it seems there is not enough research out there to warrant its use.


The reviews on Amazon are actually pretty good for Minoxidil 15%, but should a prospective user always live by the reviews? Maybe, maybe not. If minoxidil is not used correctly, it could actually damage your hair and make it worse than before you started using it. The lesson learned is that using this medication in any way should be exercised with caution, as it could easily leave you with results that leave a bad taste in your mouth. If you have tried other strengths of minoxidil and have found them ineffective, then minoxidil 15% may be the next logical step in your hair treatment process. If you have any doubts, it is always best to consult a physician and be on the safe side of things. Be careful when choosing the right product for you!

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