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postheadericon Minoxidil Before and After Pictures

Before I began using Minoxidil, I scavenged the web to find out all the information I could find about Rogaine.  I was disappointed when I found only a few websites which displayed before and after Minoxidil pictures, and then again, you can’t always trust the pictures.  I had a hard time trusting many before and after pictures I saw, as many people like to exaggerate the effectiveness of certain things and fool people into buy their product.  I ran across one reputable website in particular that had Minoxidil photos showing the progress of patients during a clinical trial, and these photos seemed genuine.  Not long after, I began taking Minoxidil and created this website.


I want to let people see real Minoxidil photos of real progress that can be achieved during treatment, thus week by week, I am posting pictures of the progress I am making during my Minoxidil treatment.  Many users begin using Minoxidil absent-minded of what they can expect.  My hope is that my Minoxidil pictures will serve as inspiration and a reference to those who are wondering what the line-by-line results from Minoxidil will be like.  This way, users can have a realistic expectation of what they plan to achieve using Minoxidil.


If you have any questions or desire to see more pictures of my personal progress, feel free to contact me.  The Minoxidil photos I post are from the angles which I feel are most beneficial and revealing of the hair growth that is occuring; however, more photos or angles can be used upon request.  If you plan on using Minoxidil, I encourage you to take pictures also.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your own before and after pictures and witnessing the results right in front of your eyes.

postheadericon Minoxidil Peach Fuzz is not really Peach Fuzz

Minoxidil is a medication that is backed by over thirty years of solid research.  It has been the subject of many clinical trials and is proven to help grow hair on the crown region of the head.  Although not “proven,” it has also been shown to grow hair on the temples, hairline, and virtually anywhere a living hair follicle exists.  Disregarding the research, some claim that Minoxidil is able to grow peach fuzz and nothing more.  The problem with this claim is that it is simply not true; Minoxidil grows more than just Minoxidil peach fuzz.  While Minoxidil affects everyone differently and will produce minimal results for some, it certainly does not only grow peach fuzz.


Minoxidil peach fuzz marks the beginnings of hair growth when one is using Minoxidil.  Hair growth always has to start somewhere, and it is unreasonable to expect lengthy hairs to pop up over night.  During the teenage years, males begin to grow facial hair that is often referred to as peach fuzz; however, the hair growth usually continues and can develop into a full beard.  It is true that some have difficulty growing facial hair, and this same principle can be applied to Minoxidil.  Some will have trouble growing hair with Minoxidil and may only achieve Minoxidil peach fuzz, but to say Minoxidil will only produce peach fuzz for everyone is far from the truth.


Anyone who does a shred of research on Minoxidil will see that for many, it produces great hair growth results.  My own personal Minoxidl results as well as the results of clinical trials show clear evidence that the medication is capable of growing much more than peach fuzz.  After hearing such erroneous claims, I expected to see little hair growth when I began my Minoxidil use; however, I can tell you with certainty that I have acquired more than just Minoxidil peach fuzz.  During the first month of use, peach fuzz began to grow, and as the treatment has progressed, that Minoxidil peach fuzz has turned into longer, stronger hair.  Minoxidil peach fuzz is not really peach fuzz as people say.  The hair growth may start out as peach fuzz, but it has the potential to develop into much more.


postheadericon Minoxidil Results Log 9/28/11

I decided to start up another post type called the “Minoxidil Results Log” which will periodically analyze my progress during the treatment.  I will show before and after pictures to highlight the high points in my hair regrowth.  Here are my results so far comparing my hair at week 2 and week 9:


Thinned out hair from male pattern baldness

New HaircutMinoxidil Results (Overall)


As you can see, there is a heck of a lot less empty space on my scalp than from when I originally started.  I think a lot of the progress is due to the fact that more hair has grown in at the front of my scalp.  Especially around my hairline, the smaller hairs that have grown in seem to conceal my baldness more.  As you can see, Minoxidil results in a much fuller look.


Receding hair on right temple

right temple growing hairMinoxidil Results (Hairline)

Notice the very big thin area on my hairline in the first picture and how it has filled in in the second picture.  It is clear that Minoxidil 5% is working on my hairline although it is only proven to work on the crown area of the head.  The conclusion: Minoxidil results in hairline growth.

It’s difficult to say where I might be in a few months from now.  If my hair continues to grow at this rate, my Minoxidil results may be phenomenal.  I started taking Minoxidil 5% with little hope that it would do anything for me, but it has.  I no longer have to worry about hiding my thinning parts or covering up my receding hairline in some way…the Minoxidil is doing it for me.


postheadericon Minoxidil Results Are Not Guaranteed

Minoxidil, or Rogaine, is an over the counter medication which is designed to help prevent hair loss and in many instances, restore hair.  While Rogaine works for a lot of people, Minoxidil results are never guaranteed.  Unfortunately, for some it will have absolutely no effect, and it may cause even quicker hair thinning.  The reason Minoxidil affects everyone differently is because everyone is different.


Everyone’s body is built differently, and what works for some has no bearing on others.  For example,  I hear people all the time say how energy drinks don’t give them any energy, but for me, that is far from the truth.  I get wired after drinking an energy drink and find them addictive almost.  Likewise, Minoxidil results in hair growth for many but not all.  Our bodies are different, we eat differently, and there is just no way to determine what will happen.


While we can’t distinguish exactly who will benefit from use, we do know what qualities are indicative of a good Rogaine candidate.  The best candidates for hair growth are those who have been balding for less than five years and have a bald spot with a diameter of less than four inches.  Those with severe hair loss are less likely to see optimal growth; therefore, it is suggested to start using the treatment as soon as hair loss begins or even before as a preventative.  Again, Minoxidil results are never guaranteed, but the likelihood of there being positive side effects is higher.


Science has its limitations, and in this case with Minoxidil, nature wins.  We are coming out with new technological advancements every day which will soon make Minoxidil mute. Propecia is a strong rival, and Nanoxidil is currently in development.  Dutasteride was rumored to be the next big thing back around 2007; however, it was discovered to cause impotency in males.  Hair restoration surgery works, but it is merely a quick fix rather than a solution.  Right now, it’s a matter of trial and error to discover what works and what doesn’t.  In the end, it’s a matter of time before we find a cure for hair loss.  If we say persistent, I am confident that the time will come.

postheadericon Minoxidil Results – What To Expect

What can you expect?
Minoxidil is proven to promote hair loss in a substantial amount of individuals.   The drug has around thirty years of research and clinical trials under it’s belt, and at this point, there should be no question about its capabilities.  Minoxidil results in hair growth during the period of usage that starts with minor forms of growth and moves to more developed growth.  The medication is fairly safe and effective for many, but it does not work for all.


Since the medication works differently for everyone, there is no way to determine exactly what will happen during your Minoxidil treatment.  The thing you have to remember is that everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to different substances.  We are all unique, and Minoxidil will affect us in a unique way.  We cannot expect to be one hundred percent sure of what we will see, but we can base our chances off of research and the results of Minoxidil studies and clinical trials.


Here are some things we know:
For some, Minoxidil will not work at all

For some, Minoxidil results in shedding and little to no growth.

Minoxidil can have some adverse side effects ranging in severity from minor to major

Minoxidil results in moderate hair growth for one in three males and one in four females


(For those whom Minoxidil does work on)

Minoxidil is known to produce peach fuzz in the first two months

Minoxidil results in significant growth within 4-8 months

For some, Minoxidil results in thin and whispy hair growth while others grow normal hairs

Minoxidil is proven to grow hair on the crown region of the scalp

Though not “scientifically” proven, Minoxidil has caused hairline and temple hair growth for many users

Minoxidil will grow hair anywhere a living hair follicle exists, thus it can cause unwanted hair growth on certain parts of the body if care is not taken to prevent contamination

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